INNO D’EUROPA Est Europa nunc unita (Europe is united now) Et unita maneat (United may it remain) Una in diversitate (Our unity in diversity) Pacem mundi augeat (May it contribute to world peace) Semper regnant in Europa (May there forever reign in Europe) Fides et iustitia (Faith and justice) Et libertas populorum (And freedom of[…]

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Il 22 giugno 2013 la Fraternità Francescana dell’OFS di Pescara-Stella Maris ha eletto Ministro (cioè Responsabile della Fraternità locale) il nostro Socio dr. Lorello Macrini Referente di Assisi Pax in Pescara. La nostra Associazione che ben conosce l’attività dell’eletto che si qualifica ministro con la m minuscola, augura un proficuo lavoro.

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4. Notre Dame Coach Kevin Corrigan rested Ryder Garnsey and Sergio Perkovic on Saturday, and the Irish lost an overtime thriller at Michie Stadium against Army. Those two players represent 30% of Irish goals and 40% of the teams assists. The Tampa Tribune’s series about the “mortgage crisis” profiled a family losing their home after[…]