Art 4

Article 4 of the bylaws of the Assisi Pax International

Here below is art. 4 taken from the bylaws of Assisi Pax International. It states the main aim of the Association and anyone wishing to become a member of the Association should know it.

ART. 4

The aim of the Association is to meet the need to disseminate a clear message of peace in the world. For this purpose the Association proposes the creation of a cultural path to peace and a place in Assisi where to directly experience Civilization of Peace, work out and put into action the projects relevant to its achievement.

The Association is particularly committed to teaching and disseminating a methodology of peace, as envisaged by the Franciscan Friar Gian Maria Polidoro, by promoting the opening of new libraries, supporting peace research and studies, conventions and meetings at every level, and any other activity that may help the pursuit of peace in the life of communities and society at large.

How to get in touch with Assisi Pax International:

Legal Seat:
Corso Mazzini, 18
06081 – Assisi (Pg)
Father Polidoro: Cellular telephone +39 335 8409957
Secretary: cell. +39 331 3459308 Tel. +39 075 8155050