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It is for anyone who feels the need to be personally involved in working for Peace.
Following the example given by St Francis who called each person by their first name,
and made no distinction between the leper, or cardinal, noble or peasant, where one comes from and what one’s social status is of no importance to our organization. Among the first followers of St. Francis were Bernardo di Quintavalle, a wealthy man; Pietro Cattani, a priest; Egidio, a farmer; Angelo di Tancredi, a noble; Giovanni delle Lodi, a powerful individual, and Ginepro, a very simple person.

Do not ask me for the “passport” of those who are with me.
If they are common people – welcome to common people.
If they are politicians – welcome to politicians.
If they are workers – welcome to workers.
If they are employers – welcome to employers.
If they are either good or evil – welcome to those who are good or evil, because Peace is for everyone.
If by chance among the people around me there were any enemies, they could not be my friends unless we met to make Peace and sat at the same table.

Assisi Pax International is the meeting place for the friends of Peace.

Membership is open to all those who take part in the life of the Association and intend to participate in its activities in compliance with the organization’s by-laws. Members are the “first supporters” and are committed to the Association. They support the organization through financial contributions and their donation of time to carry out the organization’s various activities.

Friends are those who are interested in the development of the activities of ASSISI PAX INTERNATIONAL. Even if they are not as involved as members are, they take the Association to heart and contribute to the organization through participating in activities, financial contributions, donations of time, and hospitality. Friends can be individuals or groups such as organizations or businesses.


  • Any situation of war.
  • Any situation of conflict.
  • Conflicts at work.
  • Family conflicts.
  • Peace interventions in or outside the country affected by war or conflicts whenever possible.
  • Raising peace awareness through debates and conferences on themes relating to peace, such as justice, ecology, economy and politics.

Means of communication: website, our main instrument of information sharing and communication; personal contacts, assemblies, meetings, the press.